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17 hours ago, somelady said:

I got a message earlier in the year that asked for my tax info because I was close to earning the $600 from Prolific that they have to report. I didn't want to but had to give them the info. I only hope they just report the earnings from Prolific and not include earnings from all the other sites.

Whenever I get a message like that I never click on the link. I go straight to paypal to see if it's in my account.

A word of caution: There are scam emails that say your paypal account is suspended. Don't open them or click on the links. Always hoover over the sender to see if it's from paypal.

Likely why I never got the email. I never go even close to $600 on any site.

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Perhaps they only send this message out to those who make over $600/year on surveys. I don't come close to that. Also, what happens if you refuse to give paypal that info? 

I refused to give Neilson that info once and I still got a 1099 from them (which was fine because my purpose was just not to share my SS# with anyone). I even stopped selling on Ebay because they required it and now I just use Facebook marletplace to sell stuff. 

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