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For people who have a Paypal account and are interested in Disney+


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Hi- I found out about this on slick deals yesterday.  On Disney+ they are showing a new Beatles documentary starting 11/25.  It is supposed to be on for three days.  It is supposed to be good.  I was looking for a free trial or short term deal for Disney +.  Currently on Disney+ you can get a one month membership for $2, but you have to cancel it before your month is up.  The rate then goes up to$7.99 a month.  You have to sign up for this by 11/14 at 11:59 Pacific time to get it for that price.  There is also a deal going on with people who have Paypal accounts.  You pay for your one month membership with your pay pal account, and then up to 21 days later, a credit for $2 appears in your paypal account.  You have to use your credit  fairly soon after you get it though.  I think maybe you have a month to use it.  I have a paypal account, but I have only used it three times in the last year.  I figure even if I do not use it in time, the Disney+ only costs me $2 for the first month, and they also have three Disney movies that just came out yesterday, that you can see for free including Jungle Cruise.  I know a lot of people here have pay pal accounts.  Hope this helps.

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I just signed up for the $1.99 for the first month for Disney+.  I went to the Disney+ website, and then clicked on the $1.99 one month trial, and then it asked me how I wanted to pay for it, and it gave the option of paying either with a credit or debit card or paying with pay pal.  I payed with pay pal, and it only took me five minutes to sign up for it.  I was then able to watch Disney + immediately.  I now have to figure out how to watch it on my tv.  I have to cancel it before 12/14 so they don't charge me $7.99 on 12/14.  It was strange though that I had $2.09 taken out of my pay pal account instead of $1.99.  It is going to take me up to 21 days for the $2 credit to appear in my pay pal account, and even if I do not receive the credit, it is worth it to watch the Beatles documentary starting on 11/25.

For people that are into Apple+ there is also a deal where you can get four months of free Apple tv, and Apple music.  This is for new subscribers only though, and you have to to have a Target Circle account in order to get the free trial.  The Apple deal is also only for new subscribers, but the deal is going on longer.  The Disney+ deal expires 11/14 at 11:59 pm Pacific time., and so you only have another three hours for this one.

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