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Don't waste your time joining see-video website... or "paid video viewing" website.


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Guys two days ago I joined this website that supposedly pays you for watching videos ( 0.60 US Dollar per minute of viewing.(/m). When I joined this website I kind of suspected it was a scam but I didn't know if  I was right since I couldn't find any reviews online on this website..so I joined the website and it didn't say anything about being required to accumulate certain amount of money in order to withdraw your money however after I signed up and watched some videos and then tried to withdraw my money I was told that I couldn't withdraw any money until I have made at least $200... and then when I made $200 I was told I couldn't withdraw any money until I have referred 30 people to this site. Please people don't' fall victims to this scam! horrible scam! This is the website https://see-video.xyz/#1637517871074
I learned about this scam through a facebook's group called "Focus Groups & Other Ways To Earn Online (Coolworkideas)" and if I remember correctly I learned about such facebook's focus group through this forum.
Thank you.
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