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Plaza Research asking for a photo of my ID?


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Hi- I get emails from Plaza Research with listings of available market research studies.  In the email I got today, there were two studies I thought I might be eligible for, and they just got back to me about one of the studies.  In this study they are looking for registered voters in the states of IL, CA, FL, TX, and NY who voted in the 2020 presidential election.  It sounds like I am eligible for the study, but before they approve me, I have to send them a photo of my ID, with my ID number covered up, but with my picture, name and address showing in the photo of the ID.  I also have to send a photo of myself to compare it to my photo on my ID.  They are going to pay me $125.  It is a zoom study taking place on 1/31.  What does everybody think about this.?  Would you, do it?  There are not a lot of market research studies that I am eligible for right now.  I am involved in a long-term Medicare study, but the most I have made from that at one time was $40.  

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