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Anybody else get a $75 project about the COVID vaccine from Fresh Lab?


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Hi- I got an email from Fresh Labs today about a COVID vaccine project that pays $75.  They are going to hold individual zoom sessions, and strictly video sessions where you type in your response.  You do not need a webcam for the second one.  They said I definitely qualified for both of them, but there is no guarantee I will get picked.  Most Fresh Lab surveys only have a drawing which I have never won.



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I got another project from them once before, and they never got back to me, and so maybe this will turn out the same way.  It seem like I get all kinds of projects where companies say I qualify for the project, but then I never hear back from them.  The only one I heard back from recently was the 2020 election one that asked for my ID.  I decided to pass on that one.  

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