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We spend a lot of time on this forum complaining about surveys that are bad for a variety of reasons but I would like to single one survey out that gets it right.  That is System 1 Surveys.  They are the one where you are presented a product to review and then they ask you questions.   The difference with this one is that you get to see answers that other people have given.   You are allowed to make your own comment or use one from other people.  I love this concept,  it is easy to complete and it holds my interest.  The biggest problem for me in taking surveys is the sheer boredom of most.  It seems like the survey companies go out of their way to make them boring.  System 1 Surveys are different and here is the best part,  I don't ever remember getting kicked out of one of their surveys. Tip of the hat to System 1 Surveys,  they get it right.  

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2 hours ago, natofborg said:

Can you post a link to the website so we can join?   A link to their main page should be allowed, right?

I don't have a link.  These surveys just come up from time to time through the various panels of which I am a member.  The last one came through Qmee

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19 hours ago, NFriday said:

Is System 1 Surveys a Toluna site?  When I googled them, all I came up with was a community that dealt with problems with Toluna that I believe was based in the UK.

I do not know who System 1 is affiliated with. 

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