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New Rule on Tellwut?


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On 4/3/2022 at 3:13 PM, Sandy21 said:

Right now just Branded and LifePoints besides Tellwut.  I would absolutely appreciate any other suggestions you might have. Thank you so much!

I do belong to Pinecone and Epoll but barely ever get anything from either one. Once I can cash out I will quit these panels.

I hit the eject button on lifeless years ago, the Kantar organization had rebranded it;s self from mysurvey and globaltestmarket to lifeless, but kept the incompetence. Example, I requested all the data they had amassed on me, this is just a good idea for any account, it took them two months to reply that the information would be sent at a future date. I kept refreshing the support request for the delivery date, one eventually was given, but nothing came and I kept pressing for the points. Eventually they tried to claw back five hundered points after I had completely cashed out. So, I have a -500 point balance.  Paidviewpoint, parent company Umongus,  does ping the members a lot with ten cent "trait" surveys, some time the same trait survey three times a week. I think PV does this to catch a member slip up and if there are too many slips, the account is neutralized. I told them I was tried of not being trusted and to stop the trait surveys, I've had the same trait survey score for four years, 10,000 points and it is worth squat multiplying the returns on actual surveys. I have a post planned on this.

If Pinecone is slow, try reviewing your member profile for consistency and if has been consistent, then try experiementing by boosting what you can. Like what would be your income be, if you won the powerball... Prolific has been absolutely crazy lately, so hang in there. Rakuten is fine, though half the surveys are from Cint and I close the windows immediately, submit tickets to have those surveys and routers purge from my dashboard. This is part of an ongoing experiment to see if panels can ban clients for panelists. Tellwut has banned YourSurveys, Cint, and innovatemr, the parent company for pointless clubbing. It's been a month now and the survey experience is a better. There hasn't been a noticeable decline in survey opportunities. I'll request adding JD power surveys the next time it crosses my dashboard. I would have thought Rakuten would be annoyed by my request to block survey companies, but today they sent me a special offer to refer individuals for attaboys'. So, this would be a good time join.

I also still have an active IPSOS/iSay account, that I've been demotivated to participate after five years. Like 40,000 entries into their sweepstakes for five dollars in points, I only won nothing. Ipsos has a BIT of a self image problem. They so proud of themselves, that they make no mistakes and are their ethics are as pure as the driven snow. Any problems you experience are responded with any of the several canned replies that blame the panelist or the web browser. Even if you tell them you performed standard troubleshooting before creating a ticket. Ipsos was soliciting for new panelists recently.

You may find some opportunities at PanelPalace. PP is panel listing service, like Survey Police, but unlike SP they conceal the active panel opportunities under marketing. It's like a treasure hunt, without any loo, more like geocaching or hashing for nothing. They have many of the same companies listed at SP, but only for active recruiting campaigns. PP also has other leads for penny opportunities.


There are some low frequency panels and services you might like to try, these only yield twenty dollars every year or too.  OpinionSquare is active but hasn't announced any recruiting campaigns. lifefuneverything has one two dollar quicky each month and pays once reaching $25. Evidation health has an active recruitment campaign. You make points by walking, answering health questions and make BIG points if you sign up to be a human guinea pig. You get a substantial amount of bonus points if you get a referral. Nicequest might have a recruitment program, it's hard to tell. I signed up  years ago because they had Amazon cards, then took away the gift card options for americans. However, europeans, south americans and Mexicans still can get Gift cards. They mostly have weird merchandise perks that would make a great gift, for some one you hate, but sometimes good stuff shows up, like cases of organic refined coconut MCT. Viewpointforum is a twenty dollar year panel. Panelpolls has an active recruit program, another ten dollar a year panel, unless you are offered a community opportunity. I got offered and participated in a FaceBook messenger community. they had several one to  dollar activities that paid as a tango the following month. I was initially fascinated at how superficial the questions were, each activity was giving opinions on six variations of a new product feature. it quickly became so mind numbing that not even alcohol would help. I felt like I was plastering over my soul finishing a battery of questions on messenger window permutations. 


Then there are some torture panels. Torture panels are like a bad job and you're just trying to make it to payday. I no longer participate and burned those bridges with a really hot fire when I left. Toluna, Mysoapbox, gongos consumervillage, opinionbureau, Surveyjunkie, and more.

Then there I panels that were so awful, I gave up and left points/money on the table. Beforthright turned out to be deception specialists and didn't have any idea what the panelist was experiencing, The panelstation are gibberish specialists, so is Univox, youropinioncommunity, MOBROG, and more.

If you shop at walmart, you might get an invitation for the customersparkcommunity, and earn a five or ten dollar walmart card in a year.



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schludermann, thank you so very much fir the myriad of hints and suggestions. They are much appreciated. 

I will slowly check out those that  I am not familiar with and I hope to find some that are a good fit for me.




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