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Seasoned panelist experiences with QuickRewards and DailySurveyPanel?


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I'm trolling for some new panels and came across QuickRewards (QR) from SP reviews over a decade ago. QR seems to have a real track record.  Real means more than flat, bland, palliative, shill reviews. So, I started digging, beginning with sifting the QR Privacy and TOS. I ran the address through bizstanding and found another long persisting panel at the same address, DailySurveyPanel. I also discovered this is a single floor residence. So, the mention of the third floor in the address in the SP info listing is amusing. Maybe it's operating from a tethered balloon? 

There is a history of meaningful yield, quick payout, but numerous reports of capricious account deactivation, some reactivate, and non-response to panelist emails with followup questions as to why. Sometimes, long term panelists are abandoned. The TOS is packed with many variations of "Just because" type clauses.

Looks promising. So, do any of y'all seasoned panelists think this is worth a shot? Visualize, inquiring mimes, pantomiming for insight.

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I use Quick Rewards somewhat sparingly as I think there are much better options out there, for me anyway. I cash $5 about once a month and have never had issues. And some of the surveys/activities there do offer DQ points. Or fractions of points. :51_scream: For me, I'd rank QR slightly above Prize Rebel, which was my first site (before I knew any better). :lol:

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