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Branded surveys bad surveys


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Anyone use them and feel like they’re completing surveys , but not getting proper credit . Technical errors , etc . The survey site is bound to be getting paid for them . So many surveys have some kin

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Yep, been happening for years and Branded is so convinced their systems capture everything, they won't look into the ones that got away. Several years ago, before their "improvements", I would yield thirty to fifty a month from the surveys.  My activity wasn't sufficient to earn the bonus multipliers, and I wasn't motivated to do so. I spread my activity around numerous panels and reward programs. After the "improvements" Branded turned the employees into discussion shills, only material that supported the new paradigm was reacted to, then anything not congruent with the new order, was deleted. So, I just did the daily survey, some of the profile surveys, and maybe a short ten minute survey a week, I would make five every three months for five minutes a day. That was fine until Branded introduced an performance ogre, to get the activity up. The ogre was the gate keeper to surveys and would periodically require an essay on what was so good about Branded. It had to be composed text and not gibberish. So, I went to Survey Police, fished around and found reports from screwed Branded panelists and pasted that into the essay. I was dinged each time. I did that for a year and each time I was dinged, I'd go into my profile data, which is like fifty pages, and neutralize the chunks of content to be as bland as possible, changed previous responses to "none of the above", "other" and "not telling".  In the essay exercises branded insisted that the information in the profile be consistent. Well, mine was deflated and flat. Eventually the ogre turned the screws harder, I could only do the daily, and once I reached the minimum threshold, I cashed out, discontinued, remove the visitation bookmarks and interred all emails from MintVine/Branded in the inactive folder.  

My advice is to accept that Branded's confidence is not supported by their competency and if you continue to with them, have a very low activity level, less aggravation. Do the activities on the dashboard and a couple of surveys a week, to keep the ogre dormant, and rotate to the next panel you engage. I don't really think it matters for the survey opportunities you'll find.  Branded primarily fields other organizations' surveys, watch the URLs at the top and you'll see there is a limited number of creators. The unique ID that is created (based on identifiable machine and software configuration) for you by the panels and shared incestuously, is used to limit getting the same survey cross posted to other panels.  So, you'll likely get the same opportunity elsewhere with someone that is nicer. Branded is not going away, enough of their membership is insular and only uses Branded, that there's enough to sustain them.

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I do them and if I have had a problem, sometimes I send them a message with the link. I personally seem to have the best luck when I try them around 6PM or so and someone once remarked, they do better in the AM. I do several survey sites that work for me.

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