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Peculiar Tellwut surveys


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Lately Tellwut surveys have developed some very peculiar requirements. Ones from Answer.io, which are are redirect from spectrum surveys, run a check to determine “credit worthiness” before taking a survey of theirs. These are like 50 point, 4 minute surveys. I’ve tried dozens of times in the last month, and always screen out. I’m curious about whats going on and tried to join through the panel’s domain and that wasn’t successful. It’s a US company, so I am confident they are familiar with the use of the word “credit”. Anyone have experience with this panel?

This morning Spectrum has been placing surveys that require the first 11 digits of your car VIN. This will provide very detailed production information, i refuse and subsequently ejected from the screening process  

another trend I’ve noticed at Tellwut are way off dash board time estimates to the stated time estimates in the survey information page, sometimes by 4x longer that what was on the dashboard. I screen shot the information and try to not qualify, so that im returned to the dashboard with an email URL to send a complaint to Tellwut  


In the support email i mention that these shady behaviors of the Tellwut clients could be caught in a vetting process  Tellwut support came back with the comment that vetting surveys was not possible, since there were thousands everyday. I said there are hundereds of seasoned panelists that could scrutinize the lower quality survey authors . There wasn’t any further followup  from Tellwut  


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Been having the same experiences, VERY low point value surveys asking VERY invasive or ridiculous questions. I never take them for the ridiculously low amount of points and would not take them for a lot of points either.   

AND today I have no surveys available. It says "No Results" yet again.

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