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What is your experience with Marketview Research?


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I have done a bit of test marketing for Marketview Research in the past and have received my product and answered their survey(s) regarding the received product. However in the past two weeks I've been invited to test a product, received the product, but never received a follow-up survey. I've called the phone number and also emailed the given email address. No response. Very odd.

In the past I've received a nice sample of a product that I could use and was appreciative of this product, did the follow-up survey that was emailed to me. Usually this was done with no or very little compensation. But the sample I received was nice to try and enjoy, enough compensation for me.

In the past two weeks the samples have been miniscule, barely enough to try and no compensation was offered. It just seems strange that a sample would be sent at great expense usually in a box, via USPS, costing at least $4 with no follow up.

I am totally baffled!

Anyone else experiencing something similar to what I've described above?

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