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requesting more accessible surveys from survey companies


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I am totally blind and like most of you on here I enjoy taking surveys.  One problem I have is that some of the surveys are not accessible.  It would be helpful if the buttons and checkboxes were labeled.  It would also be helpful if  surveys wouldn't ask to identify an image such as an animal before entering a survey.  Animal sounds are fine.  It would be very helpful if surveys did not have drop and drag items.  These are very inaccessible to those of us who use screen readers.  Now for the positive.  The Qualtrics surveys are more accessible.  The survey monkey surveys are perhaps the most accessible.  American Consumer Opinion have accessible surveys most of the time.  Thank you for reading this request.

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I did reply to your last post, but I will reply to this one, too. you will never find a site that is completely accessible, just telling you how it is, no matter what site I am using no matter if it's a favorite or I dislike it, they will all have surveys that aren't all that fun for us. In saying that, on the sites I will advise, most of the surveys are pretty accessible and you won't have a problem with them, but you can't avoid those issues completely. I recommend YouGov, Be forthright, Paid Viewpoint, Legeroppinion, Onepulse, and product reportcard.

I wish you the best of luck, and do be wary of scams, they are everywhere.

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