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Anybody belong to Sincerely Health?


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Sincerely Health is a program started by Albertsons.  Albertson's owns a lot of grocery stores, including Vons, Jewel, Albertson's and Safeway.  You answer a few questions, and you get a personalized health score.  The higher your score, the more rewards you are eligible for.  You also get $10 off $50 for signing up for the program, and $5 off $25 for connecting your just4U account to your pharmacy account, and $5 off $25 for downloading the app.  You just ask you basic questions such as how old you are whether you smoke, how much exercise you get and how many fruits and vegetables you consume in a day.  You have to download the stores app, and sign up for their savings program, which is called Jewel Osco 4 U at the Jewel stores in the Chicago area.  All the rewards are healthy grocery store items you are eligible for.  There must be some people here that shop at Safeway or Albertson's?

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