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TalkInsights closing


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Had e-mail

Did you know that we’ve been running this panel – initially as MyVoice and then as TalkInsights – for 22 years. A lot has happened in that time and we know we have many panel members who stayed with us through thick and thin. For that we’re very grateful.

It’s certainly been a long run. So, it is with great regret that we are writing to you to give you notice that we’ve made the difficult decision to close down the panel.

You will, no doubt, have noticed that we have sent far fewer surveys in the last year or two than ever before. We’re afraid that this reflects the nature of our business. We are doing as many surveys as ever. But far fewer of them are in the UK and that’s the only Country where we have ever had our own panel. As our business is not going to change the time has, unfortunately, come to accept that the panel needs to be closed down.

What happens next?

As of now we will not be sending any new survey invitations. However, we will keep the website open for one month from the date of this email and then it will be deactivated on Friday 12th May. During that time you can continue to redeem any vouchers to which you are entitled. As a reminder we offer vouchers in units of 2,000. So, if you have 2,000 TalkInsight Points or more you may redeem one voucher. If you have 4,000 or more you may redeem 2 vouchers and so on.

Please let us know if you have any queries? We’re sorry to have to bring you this bad news.

But if you’ve got less than 2000 points, hard luck


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