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Trouble with Toluna?


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Is anyone else being dropped by Toluna due to a flagged IP address? I've been going back and forth since July when I repeatedly advised them of the message I was receiving - after I logged in and subsequent to a survey invitation. Message is Can you believe it? We are currently out of surveys. 

When someone finally replied - a week later - they suggested several ways to remedy, including calling my provider Nothing is wrong and nothing they suggested made any difference. I've been with them for nearly 10 years and suddenly my IP was flagged for 'abusive behavior'?; adding insult to injury, while I waited for a response, 8800 points were forfeited. Not only did they continue with invitations (more today), I was able to log in, check history and points, and eventually redeem most of the accumulated balance. I asked why, with a 'flagged' IP,  am I able to access even what should be the most secure profile and redemption area  - they have not responded, even after I told them that my provider asked the same question and I am not having a problem with any of the other dozen sites with which I participate.

I'll be looking for another site to replace them - they're not worth the aggravation! Thanks for reading!

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Toluna is one of the absolute worst. Whenever I come across one of their surveys I NEVER take them, back out of them immediately. Sorry you had to go through all of this.

Unfortunately this sounds like a trick that LifePoints has pulled on so many of us. Once we go to cash out they say we did something illegal, refuse to tell us what it is we did, and throw us out no matter how many years we have been a loyal member. Of course you never get paid what you are due since you supposedly did something illegal yet they will never tell you what you did, Just "Good-Bye, Good Riddance", haha we are keeping your hard-earned money and there is nothing you can do about it.

More and more sites are pulling this as of late because they can. There are no laws to protect us so all we can do is complain.

Again, you are not alone in being treated like dirt by these dishonest and disreputable survey sites. Join the club. Misery likes company!

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