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Clint...smells fishy to me


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Yesterday on Prime Opinion, for nearly every survey I took that was Clint related, I would get the same message.. ' you are blocked' 'you are a robot' etc.... So I messaged PO with a screen shot.. Here was the response ( from Prime Opinion):

Hi there, Some of our clients temporarily restricted you from accessing their surveys. This can relate to the quality of your responses. Please understand that our clients decided to block your account, and unfortunately, we cannot alter this outcome as it is beyond our control. Unfortunately, this is entirely out of our control as our clients solely control this. We can neither apply those restrictions nor can lift them. We are already in touch with our clients about this behavior, as we expect more transparency and control.

I went over to Trust Pilot and many other survey takers have had the same issue with Clint and the response from Clint itself was very defensive and not professional at all. That alone made me wonder.


I am in the process of responding back to Prime Opinion, letting them know my findings

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It's strange that since I have inquired, those particular surveys have opened up to me.I just let  PO know that there have been many reviews on Trust Pilot with similar experiences .  I wonder if I connect with a real person or AI..LOL

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