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Did anybody win a GC from Quaker?


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A few days ago I won a $60 Albertson's GC from Quaker for entering one of their contests.  I had forgotten all about the game.  It can be used any any of the chains owned by Albertson's such as Jewel and Safeway..  There is a Nestle rebate going on right now, where for every $25 you make in purchases of any of the long list of products that are eligible, you get a $20 Visa GC.  Some of the items that are eligible are Hot Pockets, Stouffer's frozen dinners, Di Giorno pizza, and Lean Cuisine.  You fill out the form online, and upload your receipt to get the GC.  $25 must be on one receipt.  You can do up up to 10 times I think. I buy a lot of Lean Cuisine..

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