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survey downline scam?


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i've been with these guys over a year now they pay 20 bucks through paypal.Everytime i get near 20 bucks mysterously small amounts of money disappears from my account so i can't cash out.I've emailed them plenty of times with no response anyone else experience this? I'm wondering if this is a scam site?

updated....just googling around, someone mentioned if after 12 months you haven't cashed out they remove expired surveys you've done(incentive), so you lose money.

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Well, this is a interface for the company Precision Sample. It is buggy as hell. I don't think it's a scam site, there are legit surveys on it. However, it has some real problems with errors and you can screen out a lot.

Here are some of my experiences using Survey Downline:

First of all, don't use chrome; use Internet Explorer. (I haven't tested Firefox.)

If you click on a survey from your dashboard, or from an email, that link is only good once. So if there's a glitch, you can't reopen the survey to retake it or try again; (which, I've just stopped trying to open a survey from an email, because it always glitches without fail and then my dashboard says survey failed, when I didn't even get to try to fill it out. )

Many times, I click on a survey on the dashboard and I'm screened out immediately, then it asks if I want to do this other survey for 25 to 30 minutes, but doesn't tell me what I'll be compensated, just says that I will. Now, normally surveys are maybe between 5 and 20 minutes, so, opening a survey for $1 compensation, then getting screened out and told to try a 30 min survey, for mystery compensation, well, with the other glitches, I'm not sure I'll get a decent pay for my time, or what.

I've noticed that when I screen out, often the amount they're offering for that survey goes up, because often, surveys you failed or screened out of still appear on your dashboard, which makes zero sense to me. It seems unfair to show someone that they're willing to pay someone else more to take a survey you didn't even get the chance to try. When I screen out, I've seen the url roll through samplicio.us then precision sample then back to survey downline, so I'm not sure if they're also a Usamp company or not, or if they just host their surveys from time to time.

Surveys can pay between $.50 and $10; with the majority of them paying between $.50 - $2.00. Anytime I've seen a survey for more than that, I click on it right away and I'd say 90% of the time, I screen out. Annoying. Better chances with the lower amounts, but of course, that takes longer to add up.

On your dashboard, it tells you the survey subject, and the amount; they don't tell you how long the survey will take, which is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. When a survey site doesn't tell you how long the survey is gong to take, it annoys me to no end. I'll say for most of the ones I've done for those amounts, they maybe come to 5 - 10 min. Sometimes you luck out and the survey company they forward you to is kind enough to have a time notice at the beginning of their survey. Otherwise, your guess is as good as mine. For surveys hosted through I guess maybe their parent company? - Precision Sample, then, they screen you through that site. When you screen out, then it says you can take a different survey, and they tell you for what amount of time, but it doesn't say the amount of money. So on one hand, they give you surveys with time, but not money; on the other hand, they give you ones with money, but no time. Do you see how infuriating this is yet?

So, I've had other glitches as well. A few times, it said one amount, but my pending reward said otherwise, and I had to write to them to get it adjusted. (Note; I hafta say, though, I've written to them about it twice about wrong reward amounts and both times, they fixed the amount right away. It's just with the amount of glitches on this site, I wonder how many other surveys I did for them, that either may not have been counted, or were counted in wrong amounts. So, my tip would be to check every time after you do a survey, to see if it gets recorded correctly. That can be tedious, but what else can you do?)

Sometimes they'll have a special event like a shopping assignment for 5 bucks, well, it asks for your phone cuz you need a smartphone, so I put it in, and the SMS sending fails or I got a message once but it said to follow the link, and where the link was supposed to be, just said error. Oh, also, they don't tell you ahead of time, but by giving them your cel #, you then get a message saying you just opted in for 30 text "offers" per month. Would've liked to have been told that beforehand!!!! I think it's quite underhanded, to not disclose ahead of time, that kind and large amount of phone spam you've just opted into without your consent. In the text it tells you to say stop to opt out, which I did, so we'll hope that works... For one assignment, and after a bunch of failed texts, I finally got the url for the shopping assignment. Well, when I clicked on it on my smartphone, it brought me to a blank white page. -_-* So, I clicked on it again, and got brought to a survey with Precision Sample at the top and an opinionbar url. O.o And after running through all those little hoops, I ended up not qualifying for that study after all.

At any rate, it's called Survey Downline because it also has a referral system where you can make money on your 3-tier "downline" of friends you invite-- when they fill out surveys, you make a percentage. I'm unaware if that part of it works, because I would not want to invite friends to such a glitch site, just to make a couple bucks off of them. It rings too close to a pyramid scheme for me, I mean, why don't you just can the pyramid and just pay people more per survey???

I haven't tried to cash out yet, don't have enough yet, because I screen out a lot for some reason. They only reward in 3 things as far as I can tell: Facebook credits, mag scrips, or Paypal. PP payments have a $20 minimum. It's a real mixed bag and there are some glitches and questionable practices, or maybe it's just a crappy interface... I've written to Survey Police to take a look at tehm, because they are not listed on this site. I guess the real test will be when I go to try to cash out and see if it actually happens or not, or how long it takes; and for that, I'll come back here and update as well.

For now, until I find out if I'm going to be able to cash out reasonably without a headache, my review and advice would have to be use at your own risk. :roll:

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Only problem I had was when I got 20 dollar tried to cash out money deducted from account never got paid worst of all is wrote for 6 months and they never respond would say say it is a scam operation.

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