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RewardsCentral should be added to SurveyPolice


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I recently joined the GPT site RewardsCentral after seeing them mentioned by another forum user, and just received a $10 iTunes gift certificate.

You can earn points by completing surveys and quick polls, as well as by shopping online through the RewardsCentral referral links.

It looks pretty good so far!

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Yes, that would be it. 

I am with Rewards Central and live in Australia.  I have been with Rewards Central for eight years now. A few years a go I claimed a $100 PayPal credit. 

Haven't claimed any rewards recently so can't say if they pay out still. 

Don't get too many surveys from them and it takes a couple of years to get enough points to claim the $100 reward. 

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I'm the original poster in this thread. I joined Rewards Central a year ago and was really pleased with them, but they have gone downhill rapidly.

I used to get reward points for surveys, but over the last few months, I've spent 15-20 minutes doing a survey, then find myself screened out towards the end. I've joined online communities through RewardsCentral and not been rewarded as promised, and queries to the service desk have gone unanswered.

I have also noticed an increase in spam emails, which I attribute to my activities on RewardsCentral. For example, I recently did a survey about fashion jewellery, including Pandora, and shortly afterwards received a direct email from Pandora; I have never bought from Pandora or even even visited their site.

I now only use RewardsCentral to get points for online shopping, and even these can take up to two months to be awarded.

Frankly, I would no longer recommend them.

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I just deleted my Rewards Central Account at 2000 points after a month as I was not receiving any surveys at all after the first week. I got to 2000 points in the first week and then nothing for the remainder of the time I was a member except for "opinion polls" at 3points per vote and you can only vote once a week. So at that rate, it will take me 333 weeks to make the 1000 points I needed to cash out.

Massive waste of time. A constant dangling carrot that you will never reach.

In the time Ive been with them Ive made $170 from another survey site and it would take me 6 years (333 weeks divided by 52 weeks of the year) at Rewards Central to earn 1000 points I needed to cash out.

I also deleted all my account information details before deleting the account.

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Updating this thread to say that I have just left RewardsCentral. After the negative experiences outlined upthread, I was using them only for shopping points, but my most recent purchase from Clinique "couldn't be found on our reward partner's records". I carefully checked all the details on my claim, and it was 100% correct. I started an enquiry on the RewardsCentral site, and guess what? The "send enquiry" button doesn't work!

I don't suppose the fact that, had this claim been approved, I could have redeemed my points for a $10 voucher had anything do with it!

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Have been a member of Rewards Central for a while now, they used to be great, loads of surveys 9Apps and great rewards, however now they do not send out many surveys and they do not pay as much as well.
You need a lot of points to be able to redeem something substantial.
I wish they gave out more surveys.

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I've been a member of Rewards Central for about 10 years now, and a Gold member on top of that.

I've recently noticed that the rewards system has changed, PayPal is no longer available, you now have to select gift cards - and to companies that are not available to me in my State, only online, and they also have increased the amount or rewards to claim any payment. 

I did have enough to claim $100 paypal payment, and was about to do that, when they changed everything, so no paypal payment, the amount of points increased, and as I['ve said, gift cards only for all types of rewards. 

I've stopped going there each day, and am about to cancel my membership..and will lose all the points I have.

IN the time I've been a member, I have only ever been able to claim just over $250 from them, and most times it took about three years to get to any reward at all.

I don't recommend this site sorry and I have posted a comment about Rewards Central recently on this forum.,

cheers all

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