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    You guys do realize that you are basically asking to be hacked by giving a company the ability to monitor everything you do on the internet, right? I know several ITs who will tell you the same thing. Every time you log into your bank account online, it is very possibly your password can be hacked. You could argue and say "Well, it's a legit company". But, do you actually trust EVERY single person behind the scenes working for that company who has access and sees everything you do and type online? Not smart at all. Yes, I was also offered a good paying opportunity to do this same thing through Neilson, but I declined. They still promised me $5 just for taking the poll saying that I'm not interested. So, I'm sure the pay is decent.....but at the threat of identity theft or bank account hacking is not worth it.
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    ITS A MIRACLE!!!! GTM finally did give me those 60 points. I cant hardly believe it. it must have been the threat of giving them a phone call, you reckon? im just really surprised to say the least.
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    ...has this Forum gotten much quieter lately???????
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    Like 1957 horses I wonder what happened to her?
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    The last 2 or 3 days I have noticed a drop of 50% on some of oneopinion's surveys. Most surveys started out at 1000 for 10 min or there abouts and then for 20min they were 2000 but I know yesterday I did 2 or 3 that were over 20min each and only paid a dollar ie 1000 points.. It is very frustrating and they are catching up to the offerings on myview which they are the same company and its all about their profits the workers be damned.
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    I've had that as well. That is one of several things I like about Pinecone. You don't have to especially like the product concept or would ever buy it.
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    Good morning, everyone! I hope my fellow east coasters are digging out from the blizzard without any major problems. 20" here! Gongos question today... I enjoy community work greatly and a few of you have mentioned Gongos. I'm a member at Community Village. Is that their main site or just one of their communities? How do I find communities I'm suited for, or do I just have to wait and they come to me through the Village? Anything I can do to increase my chances of being offered a community invitation? Wouldn't it be great if we could actually have interviews/applications where we could say "I'll work hard for you and I'm definitely not one of the "I agree" or "yes" posters doing nonsense posts just to get the count up?! "
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    Oh! I'm so glad you posted this! I didn't know it was everyone dealing with this. I started getting them and figured I had gotten too many of those ridiculously hard to read captchas wrong and they flagged me or something. But this new thing is a horror! Like with the street signs... seems like sometimes they want the sign posts included, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they want a gas station included as a "store front" and sometimes they don't. It's maddening!
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    I hope you enjoy our community and find it to be an important resource in your survey taking endeavors. Please go through the following list BEFORE posting outside of the Survey Takers Lounge. 1. Read through the rules posted here 2. Post a little bit about yourself on the Introductions thread here 3. Search before making your own thread - there is a LOT of information all over this forum and there is likely a thread already posted that is similar to what you wanted to say. 4. Have fun!! =) Join in some of the forum games in the Survey Takers Lounge!
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    YES! They are a pain and are not always browser friendly. There has to be a better way.
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    Uh... because Amazon gift cards are worth more than gift cards to those other places, obviously. I think of Amazon gift cards as "close enough to cash". I do not think of gift cards to anywhere else as being remotely similar to cash. I'd still take them for free, but I wouldn't work for them, whereas I will work for Amazon gift cards. They know that, so charge you more. If any of those other gift cards have equivalent value you to as Amazon gift cards, then go you, you're getting more value from yougov than I am. (That said, also notice that the more you save, the more value your points are worth - I only cash out for the highest value Amazon gc, which has a much better value ratio.)
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    Just had a survey yesterday with an interesting question. The survey itself was unremarkable , but the final question was "How can surveys be improved?". I gave them plenty. Hopefully , some will be taken to heart!
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    Out of the last 7 days of doing surveys I had one good day,one day that was just okay,and then there were five that were crappy........I spend between 4-6 hours trying to do them and I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth it. Just Ranthing
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    I like it when web sites automatically remember your password and all I need to remember is my email.I wish they could all do this.This way it would help alleviate the need to remember all those different passwords.
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    Was surprised to see this in my inbox this afternoon...great for Christmas Shopping!.. Hi, Congratulations! You have been selected as our Voice of the Month for November on Vocalpoint Voice! You provide such an incredible contribution to our community, and for that, we are rewarding you with a $100 E-gift card of your choice! We would like to highlight you as our monthly winner on the community next week! Please provide some facts about yourself that we can share with your fellow Vocalpoint Voice members. Remember, this is your time to shine, so take advantage of your time in the spotlight and tell us alllll about yourself!
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    The ones I'm on were by survey invitation only.I am a member of gongo's (aka consumervillage.com )and they have asked me to be on a panel for them.In fact you can be on more then one of their panels but I would think you have to be with the initial site for awhile before the invites will come.You don't need a referral- plus I believe if you are a man it is easier to become a member.You can try them but don't expect to be picked for a panel real fast.Have you tried focus group companies in your hometown?This is where you go to the company's headquarters and do the focus group in person.I have done those in the Austin area and the pay is better just google focus group for the town or area you live in.
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    That's all they offer as far as I know. I wouldn't chisel that in stone though. LOL :O)
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    I got an email to join, but I haven't heard of them before. I couldn't find anything on here about them.
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    There are various issues with the Digital Reflections meter people should be aware of, and if they are not technically aware they are putting themselves at some risk using it. The meter itself is designed to basically push all of your home network's data through it before allowing it to pass to and from the internet. It does this by fooling the other devices connected to your network into believing they should connect through it, not your home router/network gateway/cable-DSL modem. In effect, this allows the meter to see and report back on everything you do on any device connected to your network. Tablets, computers, laptops, smart devices, Wi-Fi or wired are all monitored. You need to be comfortable with the fact they have the potential to know literally everything about what you do online and monitor all of your traffic. This is where you have to trust that they are discarding or not requesting sensitive personal information or tying that back to you. But at the same time you have to trust their security because the device, if hacked into, completely exposes every piece of personal information you have -- passwords, bank account info, SSN, private work connections, etc. as soon as you type them in or display this information on a website you visit. That is why they ask in advance about VPN's, because the device bypasses whatever security a work VPN might offer if someone can get access to the meter. It is perfectly reasonable to assume if someone does hack the device, your personal information will be stolen and sold. Hackers probing insecure networks can probably identify and target the use of this device and have at it. That is why if you participate, you better be using good security practices on your home network and your employer will be very displeased if their security measures are rendered irrelevant because you used this device on an internet connection you use to log into work. I've had significant trouble with the meter because it creates a pseudo IP address for every connected device on my extensive home network. Normally I have around 35 devices connected to my router -- some wireless, others ethernet. A few hours after hooking the meter up, I suddenly had more than 70 devices assigned their own IP addresses. I can tell which ones are for the meter because they report with identifiers like: cpu31125481. This bogs down my router and significantly interferes with my connection in these ways: Slows down internet performance - since all internet traffic has to be rerouted through this device, it significantly slows down a connection in part by having to establish additional secure sessions and pass traffic back and forth through the meter. This is most noticeable on fast cable broadband connections where the user is accustomed to better performance. A DSL user or someone on Wi-Fi or a slower connection is less likely to notice. This problem only infrequently is apparent on internet speed tests because the bottleneck often occurs inside your home network, not on your internet connection. The router's DNS frequently gets messed up for reasons that are unknown to me. I'm not sure if the router or meter is simply inelegantly trying to deal with all of the unusual traffic or if the meter is conflicting with my own DNS selection. The extra virtual connections seem to be time limited and are replaced frequently with new ones (or just disappear altogether) without always flushing out old ones. On some occasions I have to manually flush the router of all connections and reboot it to restore internet connectivity or performance. If the meter has its own technical fault, your entire home network will crash and internet connectivity is severed until the device is disconnected (this has happened twice in three months). Resetting it usually resolves it but on one occasion I had to leave it disconnected for a day. Because it frequently assigns and then abandons IP addresses for the virtual devices it creates, the IP addresses assigned to your actual devices can change very frequently. This creates a major hassle for wireless printers because they are configured to use IP addresses not expected to change much, if at all. When they do, the result is your device can no longer find the printer on your network. I've been forced to reconfigure both my laser printers several times to get them back and available for shared use on my home network. For an unknown reason, I have not been able to fix an IP address to either printer and have it stick when the meter is connected. Fixed IPs only seem to work when the meter is disconnected. I have found technical support to not be very useful. They commiserate with your problems and claim to forward it to their technical specialists, but you never hear back from them. They expect you to put up with the degraded performance the device will cause on your network connection. The choice, at that point, is up to you - money or internet performance. The good news is the secure certificates they have you eventually install on your devices seem to work fine and create no issues. All of my troubles are with the meter itself. In my view, the programming behind the device's firmware is pretty poor and Digital Reflections should instead be considering supplying something like a modified router to panelists instead, where traffic measurement can be performed by the same device that powers a home network instead of diverting everything to an underpowered ancillary meter device.
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    More of an annoyance than a rant, I guess... but I don't think it should be fair game after someone answered your questions for 20 minutes, to screen them out just because they were honest and said they wouldn't spend $300 for your product. I understand demographics and I get tossed many time for not being the right age, gender, location, etc. and expect that, of course, but to pass by all that and answer extensive questions about the subject and then get tossed for saying you wouldn't buy something... . well isn't that what surveys are for? To find out if consumers would buy your product???
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    I only log in to take their online daily survey of the day surveys for the 5 or 10 points each. They are easy and you know you will always pass the survey. Also you get to add comments on each survey which is fun. A few times I get an email for a survey available and sometimes I will take them if they are mobile friendly. Have passed a few but it is much slower than answering the daily online surveys and m re time consuming. . Still I really like this site alot.
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    Veronica must be a very popular person.
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    Happy to say I received my payment yesterday so at least this part worked as advertised.
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    Some of them really are a major pain. I agree. There have been times where I just close the (tab)window and go on to other things.
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    I am the person least likely to let anyone take advantage of me... and I've been like that from way back. I have, however, so far since January "won" $425 by these very kinds of "chance places" so I will continue to stay. (Some of those payments were My-Take and Vision Critical communities, but still on "chance.")
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    I am sorry to hear they didn't pay you or respond to your complaint. I submitted to Survey Police to add this survey company to their website so people can review them. As soon as they add them I am going to post my review.
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    Sorry---I just saw this! No, I never received payment. I filed w/ BBB Las Vegas as that was where I was re-directed to. After numerous emails from BBB, OpinionsUSA never replied---says a lot about their integrity doesn't it? Of course BBB can't do anything so yeah----complete waste of time. Sooo stupid as I cashed out for CVS. CVS isn't exactly Sephora where I could possibly buy a "luxury" item: it's CVS where you purchase necessities! I'd just say to cut your losses before you invest more of your time.
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    I got this email from them recently. I personally think they are lying about the rewards costing more to process. In my opinion they are selling you an amazon $15 amazon gift card for $25, not worth it. I will only take the $100 cards for my reward, I can wait 1 or 2 years. Hi there, Your feedback is very important to us. Whenever we can, we will act on it to improve the experience for everyone. We've received a bunch of feedback recently about the rewards program: in particular, that it takes too long to earn enough points to redeem, and that once you have enough points, some rewards cost more than others (even though they have the same cash value). Based on your suggestions, we've reduced the points needed to redeem the following gift cards: $15 Amazon card: was 35k, now 25k points $25 Foot Locker card: was 40k, now 30k points $25 Nike card: was 45k, now 30k points $50 Amazon card: was 65k, now 55k points Some rewards cost more points than others because they're more expensive for us to process. We keep the $100 rewards at exactly 100,000 points because we want to give you every incentive to stick with us all the way through - and maybe even refer a friend! You can see all the available rewards at: https://today.yougov.com/account/ Thanks for your continued participation with us! Kelly Connor YouGov
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    I have dropped a lot of surveys ,now the ones I have ,I am seeing they too are not as good as they use to be . My point surveys I am only doing the ones which at least give me 5 points for not qualifying ,done to many of the other ones and no do not qualify and no points for it either . Harris poll is getting bad when I do qualify they aren't giving me points now even after waiting 24-48 hours Pinecone seems to be following now I do not always qualify for a survey so no points E poll, is boring but at least they so far knock on wood give me points E rewards let me only cash out every 3 months because there is nothing they offer except the macy e gift card I poll is not sending me anything but 5 point surveys When I use to cash out pretty good in a month is seriously not happening as much Is it just me or ?
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    This wasn't even a Mysurvey survey- God help us all if mysurvey takes over all responses for GTM.Plus this was a 20 minute survey that said it was closed after taking it. Therefore, we ask that you wait 7-10 days after you take the survey and then check your Rewards account. Log in to MySurvey and click on the Rewards tab. The surveys you have taken this month (and the points earned for each survey) will be listed.
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    I focus more time at focus groups I signed up for first. After checking out all the focus groups I'm in then I'll go bother with surveys. I'm more likely to be rewarded by contributing to focus groups then trying to get a few cents or a dollar or so for 1 survey. I really focus more on surveys when there is nothing going on in the focus groups I am apart of. I love the site called Crowdtap, so I stop by there and burn loads of time because I'm a fan of the site. Moral of this would be to focus more time contributing to focus groups and panels... You'll likely to be rewarded from focusing at those groups then just answering surveys.
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    Clixsense also pays you 10 cents, but I hardly get any surveys from them.