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Surveys that come in the mail


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I belonged to that one, too, but unsubscribed....the $5 was nice, but the surveys?? Nearly impossible. I didn't feel I could judge a company I never heard of, and how do you compare a company to a person?? Couldn't get any feedback, either, so finally just got rid of that one. :x

Yep, I got one and it said it should take an hour. The writing was so small even the reading glasses didn't help. I had to get a magnifying glass, I kid you not. It took me almost a day to do it and then after I mailed it back I got a card in the mail telling me that they hadn't received it yet. Well, I guess that's the end of that one.

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I still can't get them on the phone regarding my account being deactivated. I left several voice messages and emails with no response from them. Very unprofessional/shady company. So much for them. Oh, they always send that postcard just remind you to send in the survey, in case you forgot. I think they send it to everyone. If anyone can come up with a better phone number to contact them, aside from their number on their website that always goes straight to voicemail, please post.

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I expect a $5 paper survey once every season, but this year I received more than usual. I got one in mid-July and over the weekend, I was sent another one. Same thing happened in March, I think. No complaints here! :D

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