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Welcome New Members!


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There's a great group of people on this board. Very helpful and accommodating. Hope you will stick around with us for years to come. 

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Hello, everyone. 


I've been lurking here for about a year and finally decided to sign on.  This is a very informational board and you've helped me tremendously.  You've introduced me to some great survey sites and helped me avoid some bad ones.  Thank you.

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Welcome new members!


If you're completely new to online survey taking, a great place to start is our Surveys 101 section. Here you will have the vast majority of your questions answered.


If you're ready to take surveys, you must sign up with online survey panels (run by market research companies) in order to actually be sent online surveys to complete. Consult the Top Ranked Survey Panels on SurveyPolice (which will automatically be customized for your country), in order to find out which survey sites have the most positive feedback, as decided by our members. Remember, SurveyPolice does not provide any actual surveys - we are simply the web's most comprehensive online surveys reviews website, and (we like to think so anyway...) the best starting point for your journey as an online survey taker!


If you still have questions, or would like to chat with other members of the survey taking community, be sure to return here to the Forum, and post away!


Once again, welcome to the SurveyPolice family. :)

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